McInerney Tru Whole Care

Marissa McInerney


Marissa is passionate about helping others with their skincare concerns stemming in part from her firsthand knowledge of the impact that skin’s appearance can have on self-esteem. Acne was something Marissa struggled with as a teenager, but it became more of an issue as an adult. This is what led her into dermatology, and to become an esthetician in 2011. Marissa is always abreast of trends, products, and ingredients so that in her role at Tru Whole Care she can advise patients on the latest advances in skincare. In addition, she has a background in makeup techniques that allows her to help women understand the relationship between esthetics, dermatology, and makeup. Marissa specializes in clinical skincare and advanced modalities such as microneedling and laser treatments.


Fun Fact: Before becoming an esthetician, Marissa was a jazz singer for Oceania cruise lines

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