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At Tru Whole Care, we are proud to share the notable highlights and achievements of our dedicated team of healthcare professionals. This page is a curated collection of our doctors’ appearances and features in various media outlets, including esteemed online articles, renowned news publications, and insightful interviews.

These recognitions not only reflect our commitment to excellence in healthcare but also showcase the expertise and thought leadership of our medical staff.

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Dr. Todd Sinett from Tru Whole Care cautions that cracking your neck can be especially dangerous, as it might impede blood flow and, in very rare cases, increase the risk of stroke. He suggests that rather than cracking your neck or back, individuals should commit to a daily stretching routine and engage in core muscle exercises to support the spine. Regular physical activity and optimizing ergonomics at home, work, and in the car are also recommended for avoiding stiffness and alleviating tension.

Consulting with a licensed chiropractor for therapeutic exercises and stretches is advised for persistent discomfort or pain.

Dr. Todd Sinett from Tru Whole Care emphasizes in this TIME article that neck pain often has deeper causes beyond just poor sleep positions or bad pillows. He highlights that structural, digestive, and emotional issues can affect the spine and subsequently cause neck pain. While selecting the right pillow is crucial for maintaining a neutral spine position, Sinett advises focusing on overall health and addressing underlying issues for long-term relief.

He suggests consulting with medical professionals to accurately diagnose and treat persistent neck pain rather than solely relying on changes in sleep setup.

Dr. Todd Sinett, a chiropractor based in New York City and author, was featured in a LiveStrong article discussing the importance of addressing muscle imbalances, especially related to core strength. In the article, Dr. Sinett highlights how core imbalances can lead to spinal compression, postural issues, and altered biomechanics, emphasizing the necessity of proper core training as fundamental to human motion.

For more details, you can read the full article on LiveStrong.

Tru Whole Care was featured in a Men’s Health article discussing sore throat as a potential symptom of COVID-19. The article included insights from various medical professionals, including a Tru Whole Care doctor, who emphasized the importance of understanding the various symptoms associated with COVID-19, including sore throat, and the need for a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment.

Tru Whole Care was highlighted in an Everyday Health article focusing on the importance of magnesium in our diet. The feature comprehensively addressed how magnesium plays a crucial role in numerous bodily functions, and it provided valuable insights into the recommended daily intake, food sources, and the potential health benefits of this essential mineral.

In an article by The Joint Chiropractic, Tru Whole Care was featured discussing key health statistics everyone should be aware of. The feature emphasizes the importance of understanding various health metrics, including blood type, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and more, for maintaining overall health and well-being.

In an insightful feature by Well+Good, Tru Whole Care offers expert guidance on addressing lower back misalignment, a common issue for many. The article sheds light on the causes and solutions for lower back pain, including practical tips and exercises recommended by the chiropractors at Tru Whole Care.

Highlighted in the Men’s Journal, Tru Whole Care’s expertise is showcased in an article about the best exercises for muscle activation. The piece, backed by physical therapists, focuses on the importance of activating key muscle groups for an effective and efficient workout, especially critical in today’s more sedentary lifestyle. It presents specialized exercises aimed at enhancing workout performance and preventing injury.

Tru Whole Care is featured in The Healthy’s article exploring the ancient practice of acupuncture and its modern application. The article delves into how acupuncture works from both Eastern and Western medicine perspectives, discussing its impact on the body’s energy pathways and physiological responses. The feature highlights Tru Whole Care’s approach to this therapeutic technique, underscoring its benefits for various health conditions.

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