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What is Tru Whole Care?

Full Team of Health Care Providers in NYC

Whether you want to see one provider, or several specialists, we’ve got you covered. Our medical partners will collaborate with you, and each other, to tailor a plan that addresses your health needs. 

From traditional medicine to progressive wellness, we’ll take the time to provide you with the expert care you deserve. And unlike many trendy medical centers in NYC, we have no membership premiums – just premium care.

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Live Healthy. Live Happy. Live Whole.

Helping you do this is our mission.

Founder of Tru Whole Care Medical Facility in Midtown NYC

From Vision to Reality: The Evolution of Tru Whole Care

The Tru Whole Care mission started in 2002 with the idea of offering a unique, multi-specialty healthcare solution, concierge-level service, and top-notch medical treatments yielding better patient outcomes. The late Dr. Sheldon Sinett and his son, Dr. Todd Sinett, both chiropractors and applied kinesiologists, envisioned consolidated care and superior medical and wellness services under one roof. From traditional medicine to progressive wellness specialties Tru follows a Whole Care philosophy “because everything else is incomplete.”

The Tru Whole Care philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that comprehensive care in a single location yields optimal patient results and convenience. Thriving in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, Tru Whole Care seamlessly integrates chiropractic care, physical therapy, non-surgical orthopedic care, nutritional guidance, and mental health services fostering a holistic approach to well-being. Our collaborative approach between all of our specialties, allows our providers to work together sharing information and insights for the best and most efficient outcomes possible for all patients.

Today, Tru Whole Care is spearheaded by Dr. Todd Sinett’s distinctively integrative methodology where the dedicated team of health professionals continues to empower patients to embrace a healthier, pain-free lifestyle.

Our Tru Whole Care Promise

The Tru Whole Care Patient Pledge

Top Rated Holistic Health Care Facility in Midtown New York


You will have unparalleled access to your health providers.


You will always receive friendly, professional service – every call, every appointment, every email. We are here to make your day better.


We will have healthy bites and tasty snacks so you never leave our center “hangry.”


We will listen to you.


You decide what’s best for your health; we’ll help you and find the right balance of traditional medicine, alternative wellness and lifestyle practices.


We take a complete and thorough approach to your entire well-being and deliver the highest quality of Whole Care to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike many other medical practices that focus only on one specialty, (for example, several primary care physicians sharing an office) Tru Whole Care brings together a team of specialists from different disciplines who consult and work together to provide patients with comprehensive care.

We are not a fitness club. There are no membership fees. We’re here to offer great care, when you need it

We take the guesswork, and the headache, out of the process. We’ll contact your insurance company to verify coverage before you even come in for your appointment, so you’ll know exactly where you stand. Health matters can be stressful enough without worrying about finances, which is why we work to make sure everything is transparent and easy to understand. No unexpected charges, no surprise bills.

Think of us as your medical home – warm, welcoming and consistently professional.

Like in most homes, Dr. Sheldon Sinett’s mother played a key role in this home’s success. When Dr. Sinett first launched his practice in 1967, business was slow. His mother, Dottie, suggested giving patients home-baked cookies at every visit. It worked and his practice flourished. Today, Sheldon’s son Todd, (the current Dr. Sinett), and the entire Tru Whole Care team, still treat every patient like a friend in our home.

This welcoming tradition of service and comfort continues with our staff. Referred to as Care Concierges, our front desk team is smart, obliging and engaging, taking every opportunity to “wow” patients at each visit.

Tru Whole Care is centrally located in Midtown at 515 Madison Ave., 6th Floor (entrance on East 53rd Street). We are easily accessible from the E, M, and 6 trains.

We are always looking for exceptional healthcare professionals and staff to grow our talented team. If you are interested in a career at Tru Whole Care, please email your cover letter and resume to info@truwholecare.com.

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