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Leading Physical Therapy in New York, NY

The Tru Whole Care Approach to Physical Therapy

Emphasizing patient education and employing a one-on-one, hands-on approach, Tru Whole Care assesses each individual to craft personalized treatment plans aimed at enhancing strength, alleviating pain, improving mobility, and preventing injury.

Improved Mobility

Experience improved mobility and enhanced movement with the transformative benefits of physical therapy.

Injury Recovery

Speed up your recovery with physical therapy—restore mobility and strengthen muscles, tendons, and ligaments for effective healing.

Pain Relief

Address pain at its source – our expert physical therapists use targeted exercises to alleviate discomfort.

Sports Rehab

Regain strength and movement after a sports injury – manage pain and prevent permanent damage and recurring problems.

Sports Enhancement

Achieve greater efficiency and improve athletic performance.


Enhance your health and wellbeing and prevent injuries through prehab physical therapy exercises.

Fall Prevention

Assess and enhance balance and strength, and prevent falls with proper physical therapy exercise techniques.

Leading Physical Therapy in New York, NY

Customized Physical Therapy Treatments

At Tru Whole Care, our physical therapy team prioritizes patient education and hands-on care.

Tru Whole Care provides a variety of distinctive physical therapy services, including but not limited to the following:

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy involves hands-on treatment for muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints, offering effective relief for many disorders and injuries.

Functional Exercises

Functional exercises, mirroring everyday activities, enhance strength for smoother daily task performance.

Prenatal Support

Utilize prenatal physical therapy to address common discomforts like back pain and prepare your body for a smoother pregnancy and birth.

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology tape is applied in physical therapy to support injured muscles, alleviate pain, and improve range of motion.

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Your Physical Therapy Experience

Reduce pain and improve mobility with our physical therapy treatments in Midtown, New York.

Consultation: Initial discussion about your health concerns, medical history, and treatment goals.

Assessment: Physical therapy examination.

Treatment Plan: Development of a customized physical therapy plan.

Introduction to Exercices: Initial introduction to exercises or stretches as part of your program.

Follow-up Planning: Scheduling of follow-up appointments to support personalized treatment plans.

Physical Therapist in Midtown NYC

PT Appointments in Midtown NYC

The Tru Whole Care team employs treatments to address stress, pain, and enhance overall wellness, offering education for patients to optimize pain management and improve mobility.

Meet Our Physical Therapists

Our highly trained, Physical Therapists are here to help you with your rehabilitation, training, and return to a high quality of life.

Dr. Julie Ann Aueron - Physical Therapist in Midtown NYC

Physical Therapist

Dr. Julie Ann Aueron, a New York City-based Doctor of Physical Therapy, yoga and meditation teacher, specializes in sports medicine, focusing on helping patients improve movement post-injury and through preventive care. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and dance at The George Washington University, where she received the Presidential Scholarship in the Arts, and later obtained her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Columbia University. Aueron, who began practicing yoga as a teenager, deepened her practice during graduate school, leading her to become a teacher with extensive training and now teaches private lessons, corporate classes, workshops, and large events.

Dr. Shou-An Liu - Physical Therapist in Midtown NYC

Physical Therapist

Dr. Shou-An Liu, a summa cum laude graduate of the Physical Therapy program at New York Institute of Technology, was certified as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist in 2013 after completing a residency at NYU. She not only practices as a clinician but also teaches NYU’s Physical Therapy residents and offers Continuing Education Courses. Specializing in manual therapy, Dr. Liu focuses on treating the musculoskeletal system as a whole, emphasizing muscle strength restoration and patient-centered care with attentive listening skills.

Midtown NY Physical Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

To prepare for your physical therapy session, bring your medical history, wear comfortable clothing, and express your treatment goals.

Physical therapy helps with various conditions, including pain management, mobility improvement, and rehabilitation from injuries. It also contributes to overall well-being by promoting a healthy, active lifestyle.

It depends on your provider and health insurance coverage.

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