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Where Whole Care
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Where Whole Care is Better Care

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Top Rated Holistic Health Care Facility in Midtown New York
Entrance to Tru Whole Care Medical Office in Midtown NYC

Your Home for Wholistic Health in NYC

At Tru Whole Care, we’re revolutionizing patient care. We’ve replaced the single-doctor model with a dedicated team of Medical, Wellness, and Lifestyle experts, all under one roof. We are Tru Whole Care because we believe anything less is incomplete.

Entrance to Tru Whole Care Medical Office in Midtown NYC

Traditional Care is One Thing.
Whole Care is Everything.

We’re committed to treating the whole person, not just the symptoms. Our Whole Care philosophy brings 360º medicine to life within our center.

Our Specialties

Discover healthcare like never before. Our team of experts collaborates across eight health specialties to design the most comprehensive treatment plan for you. This is Tru Whole Care.

Top Acupuncture Office in Midtown NYC - Tru Whole Care

Experience Wholistic healing and enhanced well-being with our expert Acupuncture services, where traditional techniques meet modern care to address your unique health needs.

Biofeedback Office in Midtown NYC

Embark on a journey towards mental and emotional balance with our Counseling and Biofeedback services, designed to harmonize your mind and body through innovative and compassionate care.

Best Chiropractor Office in Midtown Manhattan - Tru Whole Care

Discover the path to improved health and mobility with our Chiropractic services, offering personalized treatments that align with your body’s natural healing processes for lasting relief and comfort.

Medical Massage For Rehabilitation in Midtown Manhattan - Tru Whole Care

Unwind and heal with our Medical Massage services, designed to provide therapeutic relief, reduce stress, and promote physical recovery through expert, targeted massage techniques.

Orthopedic Doctor in Midtown Manhattan - NYC Orthopedic Care - True Whole Care

Experience cutting-edge Non-Surgical Orthopedic Care, where we employ advanced techniques and personalized treatment plans to alleviate pain and improve joint and muscle function without the need for surgery.

Best Occupational Therapy OT in Midtown, New York City

Enhance your daily life and regain functional independence with our Occupational Therapy services, tailored to empower you with the skills and strategies needed for improved mobility, strength, and everyday activities.

Top Physical Therapy In Midtown Manhattan, New York City - Tru Whole Care

Recover, strengthen, and return to your best self with our Physical Therapy services, where expert care meets personalized rehabilitation plans to help you overcome injuries and enhance your physical capabilities.

Verified Reviews

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Dr. Siri is a wonderful Chiropractor. She has a positive attitude and provides exemplary care. Everyone at TruWholeCare is friendly and professional and they all work together to create an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming. Appointments are kept on-time and you never feel rushed.
It’s a truly healing environment and you leave feeling better than when you arrived.
I love my chiropractor, Dr Siri Smith. She is very gentle and manages to relieve my neck pain without the sudden twisting motion that is typical of neck adjustments. The staff is very kind and accommodating and I have often been given an appointment at the last minute when their schedule looked full. As a former dancer I have seen dozens of chiropractors over fifty years (really!!) and Dr Smith is one of the best.
You couldn’t possibly find a better, more caring, thorough chiropractor. Takes good care of me! Thank goodness!
My experience to date has been nothing but professional, diagnostic and very helpful. The people are a pleasure to work with for scheduling and any additional help needed. Julianne is top notch PT therapist. Her communication skills, wisdom and personal attention is wonderful.
Excellent customer service. Friendly staff, superb chiropractors, and great Midtown location!
Great services & all staff so helpful. Feeling great!

The Doctor Will See You Now.
No, Really.

We understand the importance of your time. Our flexible scheduling ensures that you can book back-to-back appointments with the specialists you need.


Your Home for 360º Health & Wellness

Discover our eight health specialties, each contributing to our Wholistic approach to patient care. Our collaborative team works together to craft personalized treatment plans, ensuring you receive the most effective care possible. We believe in treating you as a whole, not just your symptoms. Our Whole Care philosophy incorporates all aspects of your health, providing a 360º approach to wellness at our center. 

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Entrance to Tru Whole Care Holistic Medical Services in Midtown
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