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The Tru Whole Care Approach to Occupational Therapy

Tru Whole Care creates personalized treatment plans to help patients achieve optimal function emotionally, physically, and behaviorally.

Stress Management

Reduce stress and anxiety by employing occupational therapy techniques such as breathing exercises, guided imagery, and progressive muscle relaxation.

Pain and Chronic Disease Management

Incorporate self-management strategies into your daily routine to reduce pain and enhance your quality of life.

Injury Recovery

Restore your independence after an injury and use occupational therapy to empower you during activities.

Cognition Improvements

Receive a tailored approach to addressing your cognitive needs.

Occupational Therapy Near Midtown Manhattan

Customized Occupational Therapy Sessions

At Tru Whole Care, our occupational therapy services are tailored to directly address the impact stress and other issues have on your health.

Our specialized approach focuses on releasing tension in the body to promote the highest quality of life among our clients.

Therapeutic Exercise

Designed to restore function and flexibility, therapeutic exercises involve movements and physical activities aimed at improving strength and reducing pain.

Adaptive Equipment

Adaptive equipment is used by our occupational therapists to aid patients in enhancing physical movements and daily skills in a personalized and comfortable manner.

Activity Management

Sports acupuncture integrates traditional acupuncture methods to enhance athletic performance, alleviate injuries, and expedite recovery.

Environment Modifications

Receive environmental modification recommendations and function independently and safely.

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Your OT Experience

Embark on a healing journey with our occupational therapy services in Midtown, New York, where each step is carefully tailored to address your unique health needs.

Initial Evaluation: Assess your baseline health and create a treatment plan based on your symptoms and therapeutic goals.

Transfer of Skills: Learn how to apply skills in real-life situations, bringing about lasting changes in your physical well-being.

Follow-up Planning: Scheduling of follow-up appointments.

Occupational Therapy Office in Midtown, NYC

Occupational Therapists in Midtown NYC

The Tru Whole Care team utilizes occupational therapeutic interventions to manage stress, alleviate pain, and promote holistic well-being.

Meet Our Occupational Therapist

Our expert Occupational Therapist is dedicated to assisting you in your recovery, guiding your training, and supporting your wellness journey.

Dr. Taylor Rahe - Occupational Therapist in Midtown NYC

Occupational Therapist

Dr. Taylor Rahe, with a doctorate in Occupational Therapy from Quinnipiac University, focuses on mitigating the effects of stress on overall health, aiming to enhance emotional, physical, and behavioral function in her clients. She designs individualized treatment plans targeting stress management, muscle tension pain relief, and performance improvement, teaching the body to respond differently to stress. Besides her clinical work, Rahe actively contributes to her field through research, conference presentations, guest lectures, and as an adjunct professor.

Midtown NY Occupational Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

Occupational therapists work with those who have injuries, illnesses, disabilities, or conditions affecting their daily activities.

Most people may attend sessions one to three times a week, especially when they first start occupational therapy (OT). The frequency may also be determined in consultation with your doctor.

Occupational therapy supports individuals of all ages dealing with physical, sensory, or cognitive challenges. OT aims to restore independence across various aspects of life.

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