Carly Weiner

Occupational Therapist, Biofeedback

Carly Weiner, an Occupational Therapist and RYT-200, uses biofeedback as a modality to help clients cope with the stress of everyday life, as well as mental health-related concerns such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Carly has a trauma and mindfulness certification and enjoys teaching clients the value of mindfulness, meditation and breathwork in order to reduce their stress. Carly strongly believes in the value biofeedback has to offer each individual, as it helps clients learn how to reach a calm, optimal state to live a higher quality of life. Through biofeedback, Carly can help you manage everyday stressors, whether “small” or “large”, as well as muscle tension, TMJ, migraines, and other stress-related ailments. Carly also has bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and uses biofeedback to help athletes train at an optimal level.  Carly’s goal is to offer is warm, welcoming atmosphere where clients can walk in feeling comfortable talking about their stressors and leave feeling confident in applying new skills to manage the stressors!

Favorite Quote: Feeling stressed? It's OKAY! We all feel a variety of levels of stress throughout our lives and what's most important is that we learn the proper techniques of how to cope.

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