Is cracking your neck bad for you?

There are many myths and facts surrounding cracking your own neck. It can certainly provide some immediate relief, but is it dangerous for you?

The cracking sound is caused by a quick release of gas bubbles. However, cracking your own neck does not actually fix the root of your tension. You should certainly avoid cracking your own neck. It’s best to consult a chiropractor, because they are trained to look for specific areas of tension and make the proper adjustments.

Tru Whole Care - Cracking Your Neck and Back

“I cannot stress enough. Don’t crack your own neck.” -Chiropractor Dr. Robert Shire

Avoid Muscle and Joint Damage

Cracking your own neck without the expertise of a chiropractor could result in muscle and joint damage, such as sprains and fractures. You could even interfere with blood flow in your neck, which could increase your risk of stroke in severe cases.

How To Handle Neck Pain At Home

When experiencing neck pain, you should certainly see a chiropractor. Yet, there are plenty of quick, at-home fixes for neck pain to try in addition.

Use the Backbridge to stretch daily, and create a stretching routine that focuses on your core muscles. Be sure to stay active, whether that means a quick cardio workout or opting to walk to work instead of drive. If you spend hours at a time at a desk, remember to take frequent, short breaks to move your body.

Using Backbridge To Help With Back Pain in New York City

Key Take Aways For Neck Pain

The most important step when suffering from neck pain is to listen to your body. Although it may seem obvious, avoid any activities that worsen your pain. And although it may seem tempting, avoid the satisfying act of cracking your neck!

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