Month: May 2020

COVID-19 reopening Procedures To Keep You Safe

It is our privilege to serve you and we can’t wait to see you again.  We wanted to take the time to make you aware of the additional steps we are taking to protect you, our staff, and our providers during this time of uncertainty.  Our commitment to your safety and well-being remains steadfast and we will continue to send you updates about our status as the Coronavirus situation evolves.

Please do NOT schedule an appointment or come to our office if you have had/ actively have any of the symptoms listed below.  Please wait the mandated 14 days after you have experienced any of these symptoms (symptom-free quarantine period), tested positive for Coronavirus or been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19 before coming to our office. If you have made an appointment and develop any signs of the following symptoms, we ask you to reschedule your appointment by emailing us at Symptoms include: dry cough, fever, sneezing sore throat, and shortness of breath.

Outlined below are our enhanced office policies and procedures.


Our offices have been deep cleaned and we will continue to have regular, thorough cleaning in the center.  Additionally, all treatment rooms and tables will be sanitized between each patient including door handles, coat hooks, etc.

Upon arrival, we ask that you please wash your hands in the bathroom, the hallway sink, or the physical therapy sink (please only use this sink if you have a PT appointment). If you need to be on your mobile device during your visit, we ask that you please wipe down your phone/iPad with alcohol wipes upon arrival to the office if possible.

In compliance with local and national guidelines, we now require all patients and providers to wear face coverings or masks.  If you do not have a mask, we will have masks, and gloves, available.

While bathrooms will remain open/available in the 6th floor hallway, consider limiting your use of these shared facilities if possible.  Again, please wash your hands frequently.

Additionally, measures are being taken by Building Management at 515 Madison Ave to help ensure your safety.


Our administrative staff is currently working remotely. We ask you use our email for scheduling, modifying and/or canceling all in-office appointments at this time.  To encourage no contact protocols, our staff will reach out to you for payments via credit cards, which will be securely stored in our system.

Any checks and/or Explanation of Benefits from insurance companies can be given to providers at your appointment.

If you have billing or insurance questions, please email our staff at

Our waiting room will be closed to prevent contact among patients, protect against the spread of germs, and promote social distancing (see more below). At the start time of your appointment, your provider will meet you at Tru Whole Care’s 6th floor entrance and escort you to the treatment space.  Please make best efforts to arrive on time as this will limit your wait time/possible interaction with other patients and allow us to complete your appointment on time to allow for proper cleaning in between appointments. 


In order to limit our occupancy to a maximum of 50% capacity at all times, we have a staggered schedules for all providers.   At this time, no guests or children accompanying patients will be allowed in the office, unless it is essential.  You must have an appointment with a provider to be in our office.

Our providers will be adhering to social distancing guidelines and we ask that our patients also please respect all regular social distancing rules: stay 6 feet apart at all times while in the office.

Because of our mandatory mask policy, our snacks and beverages, including use of the water cooler, will not be offered at this time.

To avoid spreading germs, we will not have any magazines available and our waiting area will be closed.  Please avoid contact with any surfaces outside of your treatment room/table where possible.  High touch areas like the front door will be propped open.  Additionally, all upholstered patient seating has been removed from treatment rooms and therapy areas.